Vanilla 8 Preview

Mon, 08/28/2023 - 11:11 -- admin

Lyon, August 28th, 2023

Vanilla 8 Preview

We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of Vanilla 8, last Release Candidate version. Access to this RC version is available on request by mail at

GA version will be available this end of September. News in version 8 :

Functional improvements and new features

  • New Vanilla Hub Functions, such as Data4Citizen dataset cluster for geo data, data validation in front of a schema, WFS harvest
  • New Vanilla Architect Functions, mainly Data4Citizen related features, such as Data4Citizen datasets history management and Data4Citizen Metadata – Folder Hierarchy to manage datafiles
  • New BiGateway Functions, mainly Data4Citizen related features such as direct management of Data4Citizen dataset from Bigateway
  • New Vanilla Metadata Functions, mainly Data4Citizen related features such as possibility to create and manage Metadata based on Data4Citizen database, to provide reporting on datasets
  • New Dashboard Functions, mainly Data4Citizen related features such as integration of Data4Citizen list of views inside Dashboard


Technical improvements and novelties

  • Rest API  for all Vanilla components (deployment with Kong, Gravitee …)
  • Evolution of the architecture: docker distribution, okd deployment
  • IAM Compatibility (deployment with Keycloak, FusionAuth, ForgeRock )
  • Vue.js components (early development)
  • Update of functional application servers: Data4Citizen 23.06 update


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