Vanilla KPI

The Vanilla KPI management tool allows you to administer all your indicators through 4 modules:


Set your indicators


Fill and verify your data


Visualize your data


Browse data on Maps

Through this first interface, you have the possibility to define your indicators and your axis of analysis.

This webapp is used to insert, update, delete and comment your KPI.

KPI User offers the easiest way to visualize your KPI. All has been though for your comfort: this 3rd step you just have to select the rendering style of your object and access to a full analysis of your indicators.

KPI Maps offers to render indicators on Open Street Map with a dynamic layer for map browsing and data rendering. It also prints out graphs and charts for details on indicators.


Full customization of access by choosing the theme and the observatory.


Create alerts ! You can set an action associated to an indicator wich triggers when it is below or above the target : send a mail, launch a workflow ...

New functionnalities

  • Objective definition for a KPI
  • Add comments to KPI
  • Alert definition for a KPI
  • Possibility to connect a KPI to an ETL
  • Possibility to connect a KPI to a cube
  • Define action for a KPI and display a set of KPI inside a gantt chart
  • Display KPI on Map with open street map
  • Link a document to a KPI
  • Assign tolerance to a KPI
  • Create dependent KPI (KPI which are calculated thanks to other KPI).
  • Define Observatories and Themes to classify KPI and facilitate navigation.

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