Vanilla for Firefighters Data

Firefighters Context

Constraints imposed by fragmented data, different internal software solutions, difficulties to integrate external data coming from statistical organization or from other departments, heavy reliance on IT and inflexible costly legacy systems make it difficult to gain an accurate view of key performance indicators and move toward a more flexible and more responsive organization.

Vanilla for Firefighters uniquely solves these challenges through a comprehensive, packaged and fully integrated application for managing the complete firemen departments program lifecycle. Vanilla for Firefighters includes a full data etl process, databases designed for Rescue Analysis, abstract business layers (Meta data), numerous reports (tables, charts, cross tabs etc…), multidimensional cubes, kpi and performance dashboards.

Firefighters Data Area

  • Rescue
  • Logistics
  • Financial
  • Human Resources
  • Administration
  • Recruitment
  • Training

Key Benefits

  • Increase competitive advantage and results through innovative and differentiated offerings
  • Improve the rescue analysis and share information between departments
  • Improve logistics and human resources analysis and practices
  • More effectively influence the change management programs
  • Improve rescue time, accidents analysis and human resources program performance measurement
  • Improve change management program flexibility and responsiveness
  • Reduce operating costs by automating firemen management business processes
  • Reduce costs by providing users with self-service firemen departments portals
  • Adapt quickly and cost-effectively to improve competitive advantage


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