Job Policy

We have been enjoying great deal of success this year as a project and company. We are looking for applicants in development and consulting teams.
Depending on the kind of job we offer, we are looking for different students and applicants (Engineer school, Masters, BAC+2, BTS, DUT and others). If you are interested for applying to our positions, please read the online offers.
We also welcomes trainees for development subjects and consulting.

Job Opportunities

Open Source Application Developer

Developer jobs

  • You are amazing with ECLIPSE-RCP or Java Web (GWT) developments and have already built great applications.
  • You are a self starter who loves working with technology and you stay up late, putting the finishing touches on your code.
  • You don't need to be told what to do, to see what needs to get done. You are excited about working with a leading open source software company with cutting-edge opportunities.
  • We are also looking for developers with Android SDK and Objective C skills.


Consulting jobs
  • You have an experience working in deeply technical projects on client sites in BI application.
  • You have worked with business stakeholders to translate their deep understanding of their business into ones and zeroes.
  • Clients like you because you are comfortable to work with and they trust your judgement on technology.
  • You are familiar with different development methodologies, including agile.
  • Technically speaking you have very good Java fundamentals and J2EE experience. You are starting to really understand how JSP and SQL fit together in a well-designed Java Web application.
  • You are curious about new technologies.


  • You know the peculiarities of specific app server, Tomcat/JBoss, or specific databases
  • You have used, developed or integrated BI platform

Send your resume and motivation letter to