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Telecom Context

Vanilla Telecom transforms the effectiveness of Business Analytics & KPI initiatives to enable Telecom companies to take control of their data and align their strategies in multiples business domains, from Finances to Customer Management, through network operation monitoring or HR management Telecom sector is facing multiples challenges, from Merge & Acquisition to evolution of industry standard & emerging technology, through emergence of new low cost competitors and need to review the price offer to keep their best customers and acquire new ones. Some challenge of the past, like sms management and invoicing strategy, are now put aside by wide adoption of smartphone usage and need of wider network bandwidth to address upcoming video usage. In parallel, Industry will face challenge such as heavy cost reduction, Green Management of Network & Material, and maintenance of existing infrastructure (owned or co-shared with other network operators, or rent to infrastructure operators), leading to rethink the global IT infrastructure in view of operation constraints and emerging IT infrastructures like cloud or OpenStack.

Telecom Data Area

  • Subscribers (Subs)
  • Usage
  • Revenue
  • Coverage and Spread
  • Market Share
  • Incremental Performance
  • Operational Efficiency
  • Marketing
  • Human Resources
  • Quality
  • Green and Sustainability
  • Financial & Valuation
  • Country Telecom Sector KPI
  • Spectrum Efficiency

Key Benefits

  • Increase profitability by identifying, developing and retaining most valuable customers
  • Increase competitive advantage and results through innovative and differentiated offerings
  • Incent more customers to identify and share information about themselves
  • Improve and personalize customer experience across channels
  • Minimize attrition and increase the value and duration of your most important customer
  • More effectively influence and reward desired customer behavior
  • Increase the reliability of Network operation to deliver high quality voice and data
  • Increase Human Resource management, and overall result of local team
  • Improve customer insight and loyalty program performance measurement
  • Accelerate roll-out of new offers, promotions and partners
  • Reduce operating costs by automating high quality business processes
  • Adapt quickly and cost-effectively to improve competitive advantage


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