Consulting is our vocation

"We bring our experiences and skills to your projects"

We have aquired a strong knowledge in the management and realization of Business Projects.

Experience: Our consultants are trained and experts on the Vanilla platform but also on the life of a Business Intelligence project. We set up several kind of Business Intelligence projects in a large domain of activity (Retail, Human Resources, Financial, Sales, Governments and others) and are able to cope with dead-lines whithout skipping adding advantages and quality to our work.

Fields: Thanks to our polyvalent platform, we implemented Vanilla in several kind of customers places like Retail groups, Hospitals and hospitals related companies, Governments of Interior and Finances, Administrative divisions and Plants.

Quality: Every prestation we achieve comes with documentations and sometimes patches when needed because your asks are one on our priorities list. Our consultants are skilled in SQL fields, ETL and workflows domains and with every tool of Vanilla. We also have strong experience and skills with Birt tool (from 2.2 version up to 4.2 version).

Consulting Services

On-site Prestation

Auditing, Needs analysis, Implementation, Integration or Business Intelligence Development
Infrastucture, data flux, SQL performance, Reports and Dashboard conception
On-site integration with customers direct needs
Roadmap before prestation

Remote Prestation

Precize and detailled points for Business Intelligence development
Specific Vanilla development and delivery
Roadmap before development

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