Suitable trainings to be autonomous

"We give not only the tools, we also share concepts and methods"

Because a business intelligence project often needs the help of actors used to the tools and who have experiences in several sectors, we offer detailled trainings in order to fit exactly your needs.

We can help you to define what will best fit for your project and company.

Experience: We are used to cope with several companies sectors and size. It is what we apply in our trainings : how to cope with the Business Intelligence tools and process and your environment. Thanks to the double skill of our consultant (consulting and training), you can benefit of real cases explanations and practice on basic and pedagogic tutorials.

Quality: Every trainee receive the whole Vanilla package for his training : Vanilla platform version, databases backups, softwares and pdf tutorial files. We also make our training sessions fit to our audience and explain details in current situation and company.

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Training Services

Vanilla Fastrack

Description : Overview of the Vanilla Platform and how to begin with the Vanilla components
Duration : 5 Days
Setup and Settings of the Vanilla platform (Windows and/or UNIX versions)
Vanilla Metadata module (Abstract layer for data access)
Birt and Vanilla Plugins (Metadata)
Vanilla Analysis and OLAP (Cubes)
Vanilla Dashboard (Dynamic Dashboards)

Vanilla for Users

Desription : Overview of the Vanilla Web Portal and how to use it as a End-User (Reports, Dashboards, Cubes and Web Modules)
Duration : 1 Day
Connections and Web Interface
Business Intelligence Objects Runs
Historics and Documents Manager
Web Module : Vanilla Web Report

Vanilla for Administrators

Description : Settings of the Vanilla platform and how to define security, access and repository properties
Duration : 2 Days
Vanilla platform settings
Security management
Repository management
Business Intelligence documents management

Vanilla for Architectures

Description : Overview of the Vanilla's Architecture
Duration : 1 Day
Vanilla Databases
Vanilla Web Application Server
Vanilla RCP Components

Vanilla Metadata

Description : How to create abstract business layers and give access to the data for the business intelligence objects creators
Duration : 2 Days
Overview and Basics of Vanilla Metadata
Connections and Data management
Join strategy and security
Business models and packages
Queries and Tests

Metadata and Reports

Description : How to create Metadata documents, connect them with reports and design Birt reports
Duration : 4 Days
Overview and Basics of Vanilla Metadata
Design your metadata for use in Birt
Birt Overview
Use of Metadata resources in Birt reports
Connect your Birt reports with Vanilla
Advanced Birt functions


Description : Dynamic reporting (Dashboards) with Vanilla Dashboard
Duration : 2 Days
Overview of Vanilla Dashboard and its interactions the other Vanilla tools and the external tools
Connections to the Metadata documents
First Dashboard with Vanilla Dashboard
Advanced and Performance Dashboards

OLAP and Cubes

Description : OLAP Cubes with Vanilla Analysis Designer and how to run cubes and create requests with Vanilla Analysis Web
Duration : 3 Days
Overview of Vanilla Analysis Designer and OLAP Basics
UnitedOlap Engine
DataSources and DataSets
First OLAP Cube with Vanilla Analysis Designer
Overview of Vanilla Analysis Web
Vanilla Analysis Web Use with OLAP Cubes

ETL and Workflows

Description : ETL transformations creation with BiGateway
Duration : 3 Days
Overview of BiGateway and ETL Basics
Connections and Servers
First ETL Transformation
Advanced ETL

KPI (Key Performance Indicators)

Description : Overview of the Vanilla KPI components, Environment definition and how to use the Vanilla KPI components
Duration : 3 Days
Overview of Vanilla KPI
Vanilla KPI Administrator : Environment settings
Vanilla KPI Designer : Web Interface to design Axis, Alerts and Indicators
Vanilla KPI Loader : Web Interface for data loading
Vanilla KPI User : Web Interface to visualize Key Performance Indicators and monitor their health and their evolution
ODA Connectors and default reporting

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