Financial Management

Vanilla for Financial

Financial Context

Every entity, public or private, manages one or several system for financial data and needs to cross these information. By the past and up to now, the dedicated solutions for financial data are packaged with reports and indicators limited to their sector. These 'data-closing' systems are not reflecting what companies and entities are facing of since data are understandable in a global context and need to have a centralized data access.

Vanilla Financial solves these challenges through a comprehensive, packaged and fully integrated application for managing financial information. Vanilla Financial includes a full data etl process, databases designed designed for financial information, abstract business layers (Meta data), numerous reports (tables, charts, cross tabs etc…), multidimensional cubes, kpi and performance dashboards.

Financial Data Area

  • Budget
  • Activity
  • Financial Exercise
  • Execution
  • Debt
  • Use

Key Benefits

  • Secure your data with central repositories and databases designed for high performance
  • Take benefits of a packaged and flexible platform containing predefined indicators
  • Visualize crossed information through dynamic dashboards and browse in details with KPI tools
  • Access administration to your reports
  • Drive your activities with all the informations you need
  • Control the publication of your data


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