Vanilla 6.4

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Vanilla 6.4


Vanilla 6.4 is available for download, it’s a server side and development studios release, with cool new features :

  • Multiples 'Get From' and 'Push To' to accelerate data and metadata sharing between studios, as part of the deep integration between modules
  • Vanilla Data Preparation :
    • Support for new type of files
    • New interface to type columns
    • New interface maps visualization
    • Workflow visualization
  • Vanilla Architect :
    • Integration with BiGateWay
    • Integration with Data Preparation
  • Vanilla Hub is now part of the standard packaging
  • Vanilla ETL :
    • Revival of the sql optimization component
    • Support for new type of file (architect, geojson)
    • Feature to update Metadata
  • Vanilla Metadata :
    • Support for new external sql security mechanism to filter on data
    • New type method for column : geo, date
  • Vanilla portal :
    • Direct access to Metadata queries
    • Update of the dataviz interface
    • Support for Data Prepatarion Maps
  • Vanilla Analysis : update of the Map visualization
  • WebReport : new Wizard interface
  • WebDashboard :
    • New Wizard interface
    • Direct support for R FlexDashboard
  • Update of the Data4Citizen Open Data Integration

'Vanilla 6.4 explores new ways for data manipulation, bringing column typing and maps in all our interfaces, and providing extended support of Vanilla Architect data files' said Patrick Beaucamp, Bpm-Conseil Ceo and Chairman.

Vanilla 6.4 new features documentation

Vanilla 6.4 download place

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