Vanilla 6.2 to be compliant with GDPR guidelines

Mon, 05/28/2018 - 10:00 -- admin

Vanilla 6.2 to be compliant with GDPR guidelines


BPM-Conseil will deliver early in June Vanilla 6.2, a fully GDPR compliant platform that will help companies to support their GDPR strategy and deploy GDPR compliant applications.

Both flagship platforms, Vanilla Business Intelligence and Vanilla ETL, have now some functions to identify GDPR information, eventually make those information anonymous, and functions to package 'GDPR compliant information' for other modules like Data4Citzen, our Open Data platform.

The flagship modules Architect (MDM), BiGateWay (ETL) and Metadata (BI) of the said platforms, which stand as 'data designer' modules, provide ETL and BI developers with the expected functions, making life easier to of any DPO.


'Vanilla 6.2 is a major upgrade of Vanilla 6 series, with numerous new features, together with a clean set of functions to support GDPR instructions. We have been working hard for months now to review how we can help our customers with this important subject. We will make Vanilla 6.2 available in june, once our early deployments will be validated' said Patrick Beaucamp, BPM-Conseil Ceo and Chairman.

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