R OData Package

Tue, 12/01/2015 - 14:00 -- admin

R OData Package

A big step forward to provide Analytics on OpenData for the masses ! Our R&D department is about to release R OData package, a R package that provides support for OData restful API, filling the gap between OpenData platforms contents (datasets, documents) and R developers community, by providing immediate access to any Odata datasets from any R development studio.

“It’s now possible for every R developer to cross data from different OpenData Websites, which should speed up development of cluster analysis, classification and correlation on dataset, powered by R server” said Patrick Beaucamp, Ceo of Bpm-Conseil, who personally covered the development of this innovative package together with Bpm-Conseil R&D team.

R OData package will be available on CRAN and on Bitbucket, and will be installed in the default set of R packages with Vanilla Air, the Analytics module of Vanilla Smart Data, our Data Science Platform. Support for R OData includes any OData datasets, which covers most of the Open Data Websites, and particularly every Website powered by Data4Citizen OpenData platform.

Please refer to the Documentation section of our website for detailed documentations and installation : Documentations section

Direct link to the CRAN package : R OData Package

R OData Package

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