Lucene Solr Revolution 2015

Mon, 08/03/2015 - 08:00 -- CMA

Lucene Solr Revolution 2015

Join us in Austin Texas, 13 to 16 October, at LuceneRevolution, the largest Lucene/Solr conference in the world.

Our Ceo, Patrick Beaucamp, will present in the Data Science category how we used Solr/Lucene together with R to create and deploy Custom Search Interface for end users.

This session will focus on the different steps needed to use R to analyze search results from Solr index, starting from the deployment of Solr & R inside an Osgi containter, through the development of custom R algorithms to analyze Solr Index resultset and user search behavior. Different visualization will be available during the presentation, to reflect user expectation in terms of search interface (mind map, cluster of documents, user search cluster, geo maps, etc.).

More information about the conference : Lucene Solr Revolution

Lucene Solr Revolution

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