Hadoop and Vanilla Trainings

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Hadoop and Vanilla Trainings

BPM-Conseil announced today they successfully delivered in Q4/2015 a record number of Hadoop & Vanilla training sessions. Those sessions, located in France, in Malaysia and lastly in Brazil, demonstrated a shift to new kind of “data aware” projects, using Vanilla technologies (ETL, BI, AIR) together with commercial distribution (Cloudera and HortonWorks), to deliver high performance, low cost and reliable modern data infrastructure.

“I was surprised how fast our customers and partners are moving to Hadoop. Most of them started using our platforms – ETL and BI – with standard Sql databases, and then faced new challenges when their volume of data increased. We are delighted they asked us to provide them high level consulting & training to move to Hadoop & Big Data. Our consulting and training experiences are well recognized, whatever the subject, from Hadoop to DataMining and R, because we are using those technologies everyday for some years now” said Patrick Beaucamp, Ceo of BPM-Conseil.

BPM-Conseil training proposal covers Vanilla (BI, ETL, KPI, Analytics) together with sessions on specific technologies such as DataWarehouse infrastructure, Hadoop and Data Mining & R. Those sessions are offered in regular classes or on customer site. For more information for a session in your region, please contact us at info@bpm-conseil.com

Hadoop Trainings

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