EPF NPDC has chosen Vanilla!

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EPF NPDC has chosen Vanilla!


Vanilla & EPF NPDC

The Public Land Establishment of Nord-Pas-De-Calais has chosen Vanilla for its data project.

Integrating Vanilla in their infrastructure aims to provide all the necessary transverse reporting at EPF NPDC.

Vanilla will be the hub of the EPF SI for everything related to data exchange between an app to another or from an outside application.

To meet different types of needs: aggregation and data consolidation, fast and flexible access and decision oriented restitutions, the SID must be composed of three types of tools that work in full coherence and compatibility:

  • A Database Management System (DBMS) to build the data warehouse :
  • ETL to supply the data warehouse
  • Analysis software, simulation and restitution plugged into the data warehouse