Data4Citizen - Product Comparison

Tue, 04/07/2020 - 14:27 -- admin

Lyon, April 7th, 2020

Just a simple comparison between Data4Citizen and Open Data commercial solution, not really open ...
Just wake up and take a decision in favor of your numeric independancy

Sujet Data4Citizen Commercial Solution Comment
Portal Technology Drupal 8.6 Proprietary CMS Drupal offers endless possibilities to design custom interfaces
Open Data Database Technology Ckan Proprietary  
Geo Server Technology GeoServer N/A  
Public extensions X N/A All Drupal extensions can be added to the Data4Citizen portal
License Open Source Commercial  
Source Code X N/A  
SaaS Plateforme X X  
On Premice Platform X N/A Data4Citizen can be downloaded and installed on local instances
Hosting Local country Amazon Customer can choose the country location
Tracking Platform Matomo Google Analytics Matomo is authorized by the French CNIL (GPRD)
Search & Indexation engine Solr Elastic Search  
API Usage Unlimited Limited No commercial / tariff limitation with Data4Citizen
ETL Integration Vanilla ETL N/A Vanilla ETL provides a bi-directional connector with Data4Citizen
DashBoard Integration Vanilla Dashboard N/A Vanilla Dashboard can be source and target for a Data4Citizen instance
Unstructred data Integration Vanilla Hub N/A Vanilla Hub allows the integration of unstructured data, Web Services…

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