Data4Citizen & Gatsby

Fri, 06/05/2020 - 08:03 -- admin

Lyon, June 5, 2020

Data4Citizen & Gatsby

Data4Citizen, the fastest growing Open Data infrastructure, provides now a Gatsby connector, which allow Gatsby developers to create new Web Sites by using Data4Citizen resources (DataSet) like any other resources inside Gatsby

"Starting today, any developer can use Data4Citizen resources like any other resources usually powered by Gatsby, such as CMS contents. This is a tremendeous features for anybody looking to generate multiples WebSites, using a single repository of “CMS-like” resources and “OpenData-like” datasets. This opens the door for new development, using Data4Citizen as a background infrastructure to manage OpenData resources. That’s the ultimate feature for Website generator projects" said Patrick Beaucamp, Bpm-Ceo Consulting & President


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