Data4Citizen & Drupal9

Tue, 10/20/2020 - 10:00 -- admin

Lyon, October 20, 2020

Data4Citizen & Drupal 9

Data4Citizen, the fastest growing Open Data infrastructure, is now powered by Drupal9

Bpm-Conseil, the company behind Data4Citizen successfully completed the migration of all the API and functions to make Data4Citizen “Drupal9 certified”, which includes all our extensions and the Web interfaces

“We’ve been working hard to clean our last functions from any old versions of Php and symfony, to get an up-to-date set of functions and API, ready to run inside Drupal9 CMS. As usual, our technical team successfully faced this challenge. Even it’s still early to start the migration of our customer base with Drupal 9, because most of the Drupal8 modules - from the community – that our customers have added - are not yet Drupal9-ready, we are now in position to accept and start new projects with Drupal9” said Patrick Beaucamp, Bpm-Conseil President

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