Data4Citizen 2024-04

Sun, 05/05/2024 - 05:03 -- admin

Lyon, May 5th, 2024

Data4Citizen 2024-04

We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of Data4Citizen 2024-04. This release follows a full year of effort to deliver the best open data management platform ever created.

New Features of the platform includes :

Basket Management (studies)

  • Allows backup of visualizations and datasets
  • Secure (personal) alternative to visualizations
  • Creation of data packages and Birt report
  • Integration into the Dashboard Development Studio


Dashboard Studio

  • New Approach, more visual, compared to the indicator creation interface
  • New Visual Studio, with Drag & Drop components
  • Enhancement of saved visualizations and baskets
  • Ability to create interactive dashboards
  • Simplified interface to publish the Dashboard
  • Export of Dashboards to PDF


Birt extension for reporting

  • Provides support for visualizations (Graph, Map) to create reports enhancing the data available in Data4Citizen
  • Ability to configure the data limit for tables


Data integration interface

  • New visual for the interface
  • Improved multi-resource management
  • Updating metadata for Inspire Metadata
  • Validation of data files with an antivirus
  • Support for new data types
  • Collection by Sftp
  • Data join
  • Batch collection


Dynamic graphs

  • Ability to add dynamism to graphics
  • Support for 3 types of animation: fall, progression, zoom



  • Data visualization interface: PDF document viewer
  • Protocol: Support for the AOI-PMH Protocol for harvesting documentary data
  • Subscription to data updates via RSS feed
  • Vanilla 8 Services Update


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