Data4Citizen 20.10

Sun, 10/04/2020 - 10:44 -- admin

Lyon, October 4, 2020,

Data4Citizen 20.10

Data4Citizen, the fastest growing Open Data infrastructure, was officially released today. Data4Citizen version 20.10 includes the following new features :

  • Direct update of Geojson (outside of the csv file)
  • Support of GoogleSheet data source
  • User Story: interface for creating a story on data, and visualization from the portal in the form of sliders
  • GTFS support: full support of GTFS files, with display of routes on maps
  • Filter on Map : ability to filter from the dataset catalog based on a selection on a map
  • Creation of packages: possibility of creating data packages (and associated properties) for deployment between servers
  • Possibility of modifying harvesting parameters
  • Availability of Choroplethes Card
  • Possibility to put points with color on the cards
  • Flourish DataSet Support


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