Data4Citizen 19.3

Wed, 03/20/2019 - 09:00 -- admin

Data4Citizen 19.3


Data4Citizen, the fastest growing Open Data infrastructure, has been officially released today. Data4Citizen version 19.3 includes the following new features :

  • Interactive Maps viewer, with cluster of datapoint and facets to filter data
  • Support of new maps type, such as French IGN map
  • New interface to allow registered users to build and save their own maps
  • New kind of datafile available for upload and download
  • Refreshed datavisualization interface with cool new graphs
  • Direct API access on each dataset
  • Enhanced integration with Vanilla Hub, which provides additional services such as update on existing dataset and clustering of geojson datafiles
  • Integration with Vanilla 6.4 (ETL, Data Preparation, Architect) to turn Data4Citizen either as a provider or as a consumer of datasets

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