BPM-Conseil - AERM - New Data Analysis project

Wed, 12/07/2016 - 09:00 -- admin

Bpm-Conseil has been awarded by Agence de l’Eau Rhin Meuse for its new data analysis project

French Water Agency 'Rhin Meuse' (aka AERM), which manages water quality and raises tax for the global East region of France has awarded its tender to Bpm-Conseil, for a project to analyze their data and built analytical models, using R development language.

'We are honored to win a second tender for AERM, after the first project we won in early 2015. That’s also a recognition that our first project – development of an hypercube together with statistical analysis – was a success. This second project’s objective is first to develop advanced statistical models to better understand the data, then develop data mining models to evaluate different scenarios. Our integration team, with Data experts and R experts, will work together with AERM data specialists to provide 360 degre view on their data, but It’s not only a project between specialists, as we will deliver 'easy to understand' documents available for everybody who has interest in water quality' said Patrick Beaucamp, Bpm-Conseil Ceo and Chairman.

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