Release of Vanilla 3.4 GA

Thu, 04/29/2010 - 00:00 -- admin

Brand new features include : 
Flash Maps and Google Maps Integration with FreeAnalysis (Cubes), FreeDashboard and Birt Reports (using Vanilla Plugins). 
Improved Portal (easier to customize, easy ergonomics) and New Vanilla Viewer for Birt Reports. 
FreeAnalysis : Cube View Interface (Rolodex), Snapshot support, Dashboard creation and alternate datasource support. 
FreeAnalysis SchemaDesigner : Visual Color Coding, Alternate data source management, Cube Explorer from designer. 
FreeDashboard : Self Drill on Cell, Cube View integration, Versionning of documents. 
FreeMetadata : Report Wizard, Support of custom types, Highlight of unused streams and improved security views. 
BiWorkflow : Tight integration with Kpi Alert Management System. 
BiGateway : Support for regular expression and dates, loop on folder for file management. 
Enterprise Services : Recycle Bin, easy interface to customize the portal, Session Manager. 
Axis Support for Vanilla Server (communication between components and external support). 
Documentation update and new movies to learn more about Vanilla's features .