Dashboard SQL Parameters

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Dashboard SQL Parameters

Hi. I've only been working with Vanilla items for 2 weeks, so I'm still relatively new.

I was trying to gauge the feasibility of creating a dashboard (using FreeDashboard) without going through the middle step of using FreeMetadata. I don't want to use FreeMetadata since some of the data I want to generate is more derived than selected and I already have an SQL script.

However, I don't know how I'd go about adding parameters / prompts in this situation (and having parameters is a "must" for the dashboards I'll be creating).

It doesn't look like its possible, but I figured I'd get a more final answer here. Thanks.

- Scott Sarsfield

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From Charles Martin (email):

You need to put a where clause with a ? in your sql query.
I give you an example.
Let's guess you have a first listbox with a selection of a productcode and, by selecting a value in this listbox, the user will print out the price by shipping status of the selected product.

First dataset (for productcodes selection) :
from products

Second dataset (for price by shipping status print out) :
from orderfact
where orderfact.productcode = ?
group by orderfact.status
You will see that the second dataset now includes a 'parameter_1' which is linked to your 'where orderfact.productcode = ?' clause.
Then, you just have to create the drill links (as usual) in your dashboard.



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I also *just now* discovered that parameters can be added in the select statement, so statements like

datediff(day, random_day, reference_day) as "days ago"
(select ? as reference_day) as "reference",

will work with a parameter from DatePicker, which is extremely useful for calculated columns.

However, is there a way to do this in FreeMetaData?

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nice and thanks for share CHURS

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