Vanilla PostgreSQL

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Vanilla PostgreSQL

Vanilla can be run with both MySQL and PostgreSQL database.

Our server is pre-configured for MySQL. In order to use it with a PostgreSQL server, follow those steps : 

  • Download and extract vanilla-tomcat-mysql-server : download server.
  • Download, extract and restore PostgreSQL backups : download PostgreSQL backup.
  • Rename propertie files in vanilla-conf/ in order to use the one for PostgreSQL

For any other questions, please refer to the prerequisites documentation.

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In, the file vanilla-conf/ is configured for the database vanilla44 :


But the Postgresql scripts create a database called repository44.

It should be :


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Thank you for your update. This will be corrected in next Version of Vanilla.

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I configured with Postgres as said in the Documentation and got the error

java.sql.SQLException: No suitable driver


Anyone knows what is the reason?




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copy the jdbc driver file from ´resources\jdbc' to 'lib'.


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Hi villasanacarlos,

Do you still have issues connecting to Vanilla using PostgreSQL database ? If not, could you provide more details : when / where the error occur, what is youf configuration file...

Normally it should work without any move of postgreSQL driver.


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Has someone been able to install Vanilla 4.4.2 on Windows with Postgresql 9.3?

Thank you

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I have downloaded vanilla 5.2 and I am trying to use postgresql. I cannot find sql script to prepare database.

Can you help me?