Vanilla 6 - Coming soon

Fri, 03/17/2017 - 00:00 -- admin

Vanilla 6 is coming soon!

Vanilla 6 will be released March 28th, 2017. A crazy vintage date !

WebDashboard, WebArchitect, WebMetadata and more ! Version 6 has it all ! Full Web interface from database connection to data visualization !

In addition to the web interfaces available since the origin (Portal, Reporting, KPI, Metadata Explorer), version 6 proposes :

  • @WebArchitect : new Web interface to manage external file (csv, Excel) … there is no other simple way to integrate external data into your datawarehouse, secured file, with management of version of document, and Etl support
  • @WebMetadata : new Web Metadata interface to connect to Big data database and legacy SQL database and design your own business views, join strategy and custom prompt & filter to be used in other Web interfaces as business datasource
  • @WedDashboard : new Dashboard interface to design custom dashboard, with support for Maps, Kpi database, drill down features, multi folders Dashboard, etc …

More :

  • Package for Vanilla platform usage, to monitore any Vanilla instance
  • Vanilla Air update, with support for R engine version 3.3, support for Markdown v2
  • Add Ins Excel for Vanilla Air

Soon more details about our new Vanilla version. Stay connected with us !

For more information, please contact us at

The BPM Team